The African Union Human Rights Memorial

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Julia Dolly Joiner

Foreword: Opening Remarks by H.E Mrs. Julia Dolly Joiner

“Where Human Rights have been violated, we must ensure that impunity should not be tolerated and above all, that the memory of the victims remains constantly with us to serve as a reminder that never again shall we allow such horrendous calamities, caused by man against man to happen.”

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Introduction: The African Union Human Rights Memorial Project

The AUHRM will be designed to manifest the duty to remember, providing recognition of the victims, a place of mourning and public education. It will comprise four permanent memorials, each representing important aspects of the AU’s heritage. It will also include a temporary rotating exhibit, drawing on the strengths of African groups and institutions with an established record of commemorating atrocities to establish a dynamic and inclusive institution. It will incorporate the input of survivors of genocide and conflict and give attention to concerns about gender equity. It will contribute to the development and promotion of human rights norms and peacebuilding.

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 Professor Andreas Eshete

The Interim Board

The Interim Board is led by Chairperson Professor Andreas Eshete, former President of Addis Ababa University. Professor Eshete, graduate of Yale University, is a Law and Philosophy professor.  He is currently chair for the African Institute for Democratic Deliberation and Action; UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy at Professor Andreas Eshete Addis Ababa University and the advisor to the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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